A Letter to New Members of the Community

  • Source Code Chain aims to bring together all developers worldwide, forming the SCC community;

    Source Code Chain aims to collect the most valuable output of developers, forming a source code chain;

    Source Code Chain aims create a revolutionary product, forming the Intelligent Programming Assistant.

    What we want to do is to build up the SCC community, to pool the power of global developers and create a source code chain. The chain will save high-quality source code from all over the world, allow developers to freely exchange valuable development test tools, and gather a large number of developers to participate in the development of a revolutionary intelligent programming assistant.

    In the SCC community you can:

    • Contribute your source code: as part of the source chain

    • Contribute your tools: As part of the AI programming assistant

    • Share your technical knowledge: publish technical articles on topics (or even a technical topic) and answer questions from others

    • Share any idea you can think of, and gather community members to work together to bring it to life

    • Spread Beliefs: Get more developers to understand and join the community

    We firmly believe that as long as developers share their valuable results and work together to create a global source chain, then this a revolutionary project that will definitely succeed. This would be the most amazing achievement in software development history. Each of us has the opportunity to make miracles happen and make our names in history together.

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