Source Code Chain(SCC):Blockchain-Based Artificial Intelligence Software Project

  • Project Concept

    We’ve been thinking of this project for many years and today we are finally starting to realize it. This project will nurture a product that may bring a revolution to the software development industry.

    We are developers, so we deeply understand the pain points in this industry. For the companies, the demand for software continue to increase, yet the shortage in software developers has been continuously expanding globally. For the developers, they are overloaded and working overtime every day, their quality of life and health has been seriously affected. When the growth in the numbers of developers cannot meet the demand of the companies, the only solution is to improve the developers’ efficiency massively. And our solution is the SCC Project, an artificial intelligent programming assistant based on blockchain technology.

    How Will SCC Help?

    The first thing we need to highlight is, most of the working time developers is wasted in duplicate work, because more than 90% of the software source code in the existing software system is encoded repeatedly by different developers. However, the coding involved in those really valuable tasks, including the grasp of the system architecture, the choice of shaping algorithms, and the exploration of the unknown, may be even less than 1% of the overall code size for the vast majority of projects.

    With SCC AI assistant, developers can skip those repetitive work and invest the saved time in those creative work.
    For the convenience of use, the SCC AI assistant would be able to communicate with developers through text or voice, understand their requirements and retrieve the proper source code contents (including functions, class system and subsystem etc.), or even make customized adjustments on the source code according to the actual demands. It will then test the source code before relaying the final bug-free output to the developers. If there is no source code fully meeting the requirements in the database, the assistant will make recommendations in accordance to the similarities in function. On top of that, the assistant has a variety of developing and testing tools to support developers in the coding, compilation, debugging, testing and other stages. It also has the ability of self-learning, and it will continuously improve its communication and comprehension ability, the accuracy of source code recommendation, the source code adjustment and the validity of testing during the communication and collaboration with developers.

    Where does the AI assistant get the source code resources from?

    To solve this problem, we will build up a source code chain that gather all the best source code in the world, including existing ones and the ones will be written. The source code for different programming languages will be written in accordance with certain formats, annotations, instructions, test cases, and then will strictly undergo various automated check, tests, and manual check before it can be added to the source code library. The provider will be all of the developers around the world.

    The project will bring together developers from all over the world through a token crowdsourcing incentives to create a strong and autonomous developer community. Members will receive corresponding token rewards as long as their contributions in the community can help the development of AI assistant, including contributing or auditing source code, providing tools, servers, etc. We hope to use blockchain technology to solve the problems of trust and motivation, gather the wisdom of developers around the world, accumulate excellent source code, and jointly cultivate a developer-owned AI assistant to benefit every developer by minimizing the duplication of work, improving the productivity, wealth, and social status of developers, and making programming a truly creative work.

    The Ecosystem of the Project

    In the ecosystem of the SCC, people trade both their source code and their knowledge. The token would be the lubricant of all the trades in the ecosystem.

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    By means of crowdsourcing, the platform attempts to attract outstanding developers to write code, review code, and provide professional advice. The value of all these works will be reflected by the token on the chain. On the node of each approval, a certain amount of token will be rewarded to the coder and the reviewers. If the source code is later used by others, the coder will have a chance to gain more tokens.

    For code that is already open source, developers can move it into the database by adding necessary annotations and passing peer-review. The porter and the reviewers can still acquire tokens.

    The token is granted on a one-time basis and the value of gained tokens is relatively low. Token rewards cannot be completely equivalent to the work of the developer in the process, so the system uses smart contracts bound to the code block to declare the proportional breakdown of income distribution to the coder, interpreter and reviewer if the code block is used for commercial purposes in future. When the tokens have been distributed completely, contributors will no longer receive direct income by adding code blocks into the chain but will receive a share of the code licensing fee.

    SCC Token

    The token of this project is named as SCC, which is an ERC-20 standard token based on the Ethereum blockchain technology. Individuals can use the AI assistant for free on a non-commercial basis, but the resources and services provided are limited. Individuals or businesses that request for more powerful assistant will need to pay SCC to purchase the service hours. In addition, the source code library is a very valuable resource, which will require payment of a certain amount of SCC as a license fee for commercial. At the same time, SCC can also be used for paid Q & A and rewarding articles in the community. SCC will become more and more valuable as the developer community and the number of AI assistants grows.

    SCC Team

    Our team was established in 2015 with 20-year experience in software development. We have been fighting in the forefront of software development, and deeply felt the pain points in the software development process, so we are eager to help developers improve their work efficiency and quality. SCC project sprouted in 2016 and inspired by the blockchain technology in 2017 with the crowdsourcing incentive mechanism. The project was formally established at the end of 2017. At present, the developer community, source code chain and various automated tools are under development.
    Welcome to follow us on the following official channel for more information and latest update.

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