SCC Project Progress Report NO.4_2018.10.21

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    Dear Community Members,

    Effected by some labour and financial issues, some of our projects have been delayed. Although we have successfully developed and launched the Task Distribution System 1.0 and Tool platform 1.0.

    Despite of all the difficulties and challenges we encountered, the SCC team still firmly believes in the necessity of intellectualizing software engineering, and will move forward on this path. We would also promote cooperation with universities to improve the status of the industry.

    Task Distribution System

    1.Complete the development and launch the product.
    2.Tasks are now being collected and would be released later in community.

    Tool Project
    1.0 version has been completed and launched.
    2.Business cooperation is now guaranteed. For more information, please contact: (Platform link)

    Community Building

    1.dingdang-robot Smart Speaker Forum has officially been a part of the SCC community.
    2.Clear numbers of users who violate the activity rules or registered malevolently.

    👏 The number of valid registered members of the community are now exceeding 2,500. Thanks a lot for your attention and support towards SCC project! We shall strive without cease and live up to everyone’s expectation.

    SCC Team

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