SCC Community Member Recruitment Upgraded! Rewards Upgraded!

  • Upgrading of member recruitment and rewards!

    Registered and invited data will also be upgraded according to the new rules.

    New Rules:

    1. 300 SCC will be rewarded for new registration
    2. Invitation rewards, not capped:
      (1) 90 SCC will be rewarded for each friend invited
      (2) Extra 360 SCC will be rewarded for 10 friends invited
      (3) Extra 900 SCC will be rewarded for 20 friends invited
      (4) Extra 1620 SCC will be rewarded for 30 friends invited
      (5) Extra 2520 SCC will be rewarded for 40 friends invited
      (6) Extra 3600 SCC will be rewarded for 50 friends invited
      (7) Extra 4860 SCC will be rewarded for 60 friends invited
      (8) If invite 70 friends and above, extra 90 SCC will be rewarded per friend.
    3. Users registered through the invitation link can receive an additional 30 SCC reward, a total of 330 SCC.
    4. Cap: First 10 thousand members.

    The same member is not allowed to register repeatedly with multiple mailboxes, or will be punished by the community.

    How to invite friends:

    1.After login, click the profile picture in the upper right corner, and then click on the username to enter the personal homepage.

    2.Click "Personally Exclusive Invitation Link" on your personal home page.

    3.You can either copy the invitation link and send it to your friends or share the QR code.

    You can check the amount of code you currently have in the personal centre.

    If you have any questions, please reply to this post or send private message to administrator @SCC.

    Welcome to follow us on the following official channel for more information and latest update.

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